This is a pretty exciting time to be a digital artist. I have seen opportunities for creative people open up quickly. This is mainly due to the advancement of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and high-speed mobile internet. As new technologies emerge, new approaches and new opportunities often surface. This is the case in which a work of art called crypto art, which can be loosely defined as a work of art related to cryptocurrency, is distributed in large quantities.

Of course, the broad category of cryptocurrency includes physical artwork with cryptocurrency themes, such as a material canvas painting with a Bitcoin logo. In fact, such a work of art is probably the first form of contemporary crypto art.

The crypto art world is exploding — so here come the tech moguls to screw  it up | The Business of Business

In fact, cryptocurrency and mobile networks are opening up the world of art in unexpected ways. There are now three new categories available to artists and it’s in a place where there was no opportunity before.

The features described here are:

1. Rare Digital Art

2. Crypto Community Doodle

3. Cryptosocial network

How it Works

Non-Funny Token (NFTs) are digital tokens associated with works of art applied with blockchain technology, including information about the origin and authenticity of the art. Blockchain introduces the so-called “digital scarcity”. This means that a limited number of copies of a work of art are released with unique symbols (unique numeric strings that can be used as digital representations of physical assets).

The Growing Popularity

The blockchain art movement includes a huge gamble from bitcoin graffiti to the last bitcoin lunch of French artist Yul, which sold for nearly $3,000 in 2014. There are several digital markets hosted by Zora, SuperRare, Foundation, and Nifty Gateway. Recently, it has emerged as a place where collectors can purchase digital works.

According to news reports, the overall value of the crypto art market has risen to the $80 million mark now, with more than 60,000 pieces of art sold to date. The artist Beeple has sold more than $7 million in art, but other popular digital artists include Pak, Trevor Jones, and Jose Delbo.


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